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Half a year of no posts, and now Hanja? Pretty sure I’ve gone crazy. I finally found time again after a crazy period of school, work and freelancing jobs and what do I do with that time? I just created a Memrise course for myself starting with some Hanja characters.

Knowing very little about Hanja other than it being the root of a lot of Korean words and that knowing Hanja can really help you to figure out unknown Korean words easier, I know absolutely nothing. It looks like random drawings to me and I can not imagine how anyone could ever recognize them all distinctly without fail. With that said, I am going to try.

Creating a Memrise course for Hanja turns out te be really time consuming though. I have a book (Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean) which I have barely skimmed up until now. Searching Korean words, copying the Hanja into other dictionaries and trying to figure out what best to put on the cards is kind of exhausting. I have to say though, finding out that certain words that I already know share a common Hanja makes it really cool. I’ve been going over wordslist for the past hour, (doesn’t that sound exciting?!), in awe of how many connections I have missed. Maybe I should’ve been less stubborn and started earlier.

Oh well, one thing to take away from this. I am back, I have free time again and I will blog some more again… I semi-promise!

It’s been about a week since I returned from Korea. I had a great time and I feel like my Korean improved quite a bit (on the listening part mostly). I got more confident in speaking too as I tried to just blurt things out, even if I knew it was wrong.

Anyway, I wanted to blog while I was in Korea but honestly. I’m not a big blogger. I just want to post informative stuff or reinforce what I’ve learned. I want to be more active in the blog but I will have to figure out some creative ways of doing so that keeps me interested.

What’s most important though is that going to Korea again gave me a new boost in confidence and motivation for me to hopefully do better in study from now on! Let’s do this :)

Finally wrapped up the final block at school before the holiday. Now I can focus on Korean again and prepare more for my trip back in August 😀

D-33 to South Korea, and already planning to go to SMTown IV in Seoul. Going to be great 😀

It’s finally here! Learning Korean with Hearthstone. A project I’ve worked on for the last month or so…

Learning languages while playing games? Sign me up! Try using Hearthstone to learn more Korean. Increase your gaming vocabulary or practice your Korean listening skills!

This web application brings you the following features:

  • The full Hearthstone card database. In Korean & English!
  • Dictation practice. Listen to the unique dialogue of Hearthstone and dictate along.
  • Grab a list of all the required vocabulary to play Hearthstone in Korean, without peeking at the cards database.
  • Find out how to play Hearthstone in Korean yourself.

There’s always room for 1 more in the Hearthstone tavern!

Want to give it a look? Click here: Learning Korean with Hearthstone

eSports has always been a passion of mine. I am a very competitive person and video games are my greatest hobby, it all makes sense really. eSports was also one of the key things that got me into Korean culture actually. Watching StarCraft, trying to figure out why these Koreans are so much better than all of us.

With that said, Korean commentary is SO fun. It’s so energetic and even if there’s boring parts they fill it up wonderfully and it’s just a pleasure to listen to in general. With the League of Legends All-stars going on in Paris right now I’ve had two streams open simultaneously to get high quality video, with Korean audio. It’s so good!

OGN has been wonderful this tournament and has put the VODs on their Youtube channel! Here’s a tidbit…

It’s so cool, they talk really REALLY fast at times, but even so I can understand quite a lot which is such a confidence booster ^^

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, specifically about the direction of the blog. Today my roommate said to me: “Learning Korean is great, but it’s not going to get you the career in Korea by itself. It might make it easier, but you do need the actual knowledge too.”.

He’s right.

While I can’t say that Korean has been a full time focus, neither has anything else. So what am I going to do? I’m going to make Korean an evening task only. Work / study for school during the day. After dinner full attention to Korean. I’ve got to focus on programming right now and get back in the game. I’ve been too inactive lately on the (game) programming front and I want to fix this. I want to post on this blog now too about my programming progress, it gives me more to talk about (so more frequent updates!) and maybe I can even combine programming and Korean, making the title of the blog more appropriate!
The same book in both Korean and English! Haha 😀

So, it’s been 1.5 week since my mom passed away and slowly everything is starting back-up. Today was my first day back at work and I’ll be continuing school next week too. While I can’t say that it’s time to move on, I still think I should try to return to a healthy studying rhythm. If I ever had one that is.

I made some small changes to the blog and I’ve been busy with some Korean side projects that are not yet ready to be released here. I replaced my Resources section at the top with a study progress section. It’s simply a list of my resources but with an actual completion figure + percentage. I’m a numbers guy, don’t blame me 😛

Just before all the chaos I bought a bunch of books and I still owe TwoChois a review of their services. In the meanwhile I also received Integrated Korean (Beginning 1 & 2). I wanted to have these because honestly, Sogang was kind of disappointing, and I heard these were better. I still have to look into them and figure out how my current level holds up against the book, but I figure I’m somewhere around the middle or end of Beginning 2. I will also have to update this in the study progress section.

Finally, I am going to reinstate the iTalki Lesson reviews. So probably a day after a lesson I will do a recap on it here so it will stick better in my brain!

The time has unfortunately come. One of the reasons that my blog posts have been in a somewhat unpredictable pattern of activity. My mom has been suffering from cancer since last March and while having fought to the best of her ability, it was not enough. ㅠㅠ

It wasn’t completely unexpected, but it was a lot faster than anticipated. The final estimate she received was 3 to 6 months and it ended up being 3 weeks. One of the final conversations with her was about her not being able to see me move to Korea and master the Korean language. However, unlike me she was a big believer in something after the death, and while I am still not convinced I hope that she is able to come with me to Korea… as soon as possible. :)

My first contact with Korean was through eSports, Starcraft to be specific. I now don’t really follow Starcraft anymore, but a new Blizzard game has had my attention lately. Hearthstone (하스스톤) is a online card game and like every(?) Blizzard game it’s also available in Korean. I am currently trying to find subjects in Korean that have my interest because honestly, I’m easily distracted.

I went back to the roots, OGN (OnGameNet). A television station broadcasting game related content. I’ve been subscribed to their youtube channel for forever but for some reason they never show up in my subscription feed. :( Upon manually browsing there myself I found this:

How awesome is this. Yellow, Artosis and Itshafu (a Hearthstone streamer I’ve followed for a long time) in the line-up. That’s why I have decided to dedicate Hearthstone a special section on the blog. I’m still developing for it, but it will be cool! 😀

So I realized I stopped posting for ~2 weeks after a post titled: “Someone is out to get me!”. That could be considered a little weird. While writing this I am still sick but things may finally settle down a little bit. Everything has been crazy and I hope that the chaos will settle down for now.

Let’s try this again… :)