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It’s finally here! Learning Korean with Hearthstone. A project I’ve worked on for the last month or so…

Learning languages while playing games? Sign me up! Try using Hearthstone to learn more Korean. Increase your gaming vocabulary or practice your Korean listening skills!

This web application brings you the following features:

  • The full Hearthstone card database. In Korean & English!
  • Dictation practice. Listen to the unique dialogue of Hearthstone and dictate along.
  • Grab a list of all the required vocabulary to play Hearthstone in Korean, without peeking at the cards database.
  • Find out how to play Hearthstone in Korean yourself.

There’s always room for 1 more in the Hearthstone tavern!

Want to give it a look? Click here: Learning Korean with Hearthstone

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, specifically about the direction of the blog. Today my roommate said to me: “Learning Korean is great, but it’s not going to get you the career in Korea by itself. It might make it easier, but you do need the actual knowledge too.”.

He’s right.

While I can’t say that Korean has been a full time focus, neither has anything else. So what am I going to do? I’m going to make Korean an evening task only. Work / study for school during the day. After dinner full attention to Korean. I’ve got to focus on programming right now and get back in the game. I’ve been too inactive lately on the (game) programming front and I want to fix this. I want to post on this blog now too about my programming progress, it gives me more to talk about (so more frequent updates!) and maybe I can even combine programming and Korean, making the title of the blog more appropriate!
The same book in both Korean and English! Haha 😀

My first contact with Korean was through eSports, Starcraft to be specific. I now don’t really follow Starcraft anymore, but a new Blizzard game has had my attention lately. Hearthstone (하스스톤) is a online card game and like every(?) Blizzard game it’s also available in Korean. I am currently trying to find subjects in Korean that have my interest because honestly, I’m easily distracted.

I went back to the roots, OGN (OnGameNet). A television station broadcasting game related content. I’ve been subscribed to their youtube channel for forever but for some reason they never show up in my subscription feed. :( Upon manually browsing there myself I found this:

How awesome is this. Yellow, Artosis and Itshafu (a Hearthstone streamer I’ve followed for a long time) in the line-up. That’s why I have decided to dedicate Hearthstone a special section on the blog. I’m still developing for it, but it will be cool! 😀

Two posts in one day?! This would be my Programming knowledge bomb that was scheduled for yesterday.

Here is the continuation on my Hangul in Unicode series. In this new section I am explaining how to compose proper Hangul Syllables using the individual jamo and a wonderful equation. I also updated the original Hangul in Unicode page to include a small introduction to what Unicode actually is for those not familiar.

Forming Hangul Syllables in Unicode

With the blog being called “Programming In Korean” there clearly was no doubt that programming related content was going to be added at least at some point. Well, here it is. In the menu above I’ve added a programming section.

The very first content I put under it is related to Hangul and how it is specified in Unicode. For people not familiar with Unicode, I will explain it like how I told my mom about it. “It’s the way Hangul gets translated from and into the only two character a computer truly understands, ones and zeros.”

There are a lot of difficult problems when it comes to Hangul and encoding, especially when trying to analyze or recognize data and patterns. There is, in my opinion, quite a limited amount of (English) content on this topic.

For now though, it’s basic and simple. I will soon include code that demonstrates how to compose and decompose complete Hangul Syllables.

Have a look for yourself: Hangul in Unicode

I post not nearly enough. But I’ve got something tiny to share again… I am currently developing some cool things, related to my passion for K-pop and learning Korean…

I could very well make it into a small educational game as well… Possibly something that could be worth checking out (soon^tm)! :)

I’ve been thinking for some time now, how cool would it be if there was a Khan Academy for Korean?

For people that are not familiar with Khan Academy, it is a website that offers lessons and most importantly, interactive exercises, for a variety of topics in areas such as math and physics. It’s truly a wonderful way to learn as the exercises are generated to keep coming up with new questions.

Wouldn’t this be possible for Korean too? What if I made something like this? It could feature exercises such as reading time, writing dates, it could even do proper conjugation checking for verbs. I have so many ideas and no clue where to begin.

I would definitely say this is food for thought though.

On a side note, I’m back from Korea and am setting up a proper studying schedule. I will post more about it soon! :)