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Working, a party from work, as well as Christmas with the family. I’m still sick while catching up on school work. Those are my 5 excuses for not posting anything for nearly 2 weeks. I still felt that I should at least post once more this year, and what else to post about? I’ve never been big on doing new years resolutions because of the disappointment that I will probably have when I fail them anyway. Thinking about that more though, it is a key problem with my work ethic. Giving up before actually trying anything. I am currently building a 3D Rasterizer from scratch for school and I basically stopped building for 3 entire days because I got stuck. (Granted, I tried fixing it for 10+ hours). I still think it’s unacceptable and simply a waste.

Fixing my work ethic is an absolute must if I want to accomplish anything this year. I called 2013 “my year” with the advancements I made with my company in late 2012, but it all sort of fell apart. There were reasons obviously, and they are not completely invalid but it has affected me for too long in my opinion. Time to move on.

In 2014 I will…

… stick with my projects.

… finish all my school courses.

… take the TOPIK test.

… post on this blog at least once every 3 days.

… dedicate at least one hour to Korean, every day!

… start specializing myself in one area of programming and become an absolute guru in it.

… spend less money on stuff I don’t need.

I really enjoyed the SBS and MBC gayo this year! SBS even made a song, pretty good! :)

So I haven’t posted since late September, and to solve this I will make individual posts in the coming days on the grammar points I’ve covered lately and I will try to share my interpretation of them. (I say interpretation because I might make mistakes!)

While I go and write these blogs I want to leave a video here from Talk To Me In Korean which I found really interesting and funny.

At least it makes me happy that I read 한글 more fluently than the Koreans are reading the English, haha! I don’t blame them though, romanization is pretty awful.

I post not nearly enough. But I’ve got something tiny to share again… I am currently developing some cool things, related to my passion for K-pop and learning Korean…

I could very well make it into a small educational game as well… Possibly something that could be worth checking out (soon^tm)! :)

I’ve been thinking for some time now, how cool would it be if there was a Khan Academy for Korean?

For people that are not familiar with Khan Academy, it is a website that offers lessons and most importantly, interactive exercises, for a variety of topics in areas such as math and physics. It’s truly a wonderful way to learn as the exercises are generated to keep coming up with new questions.

Wouldn’t this be possible for Korean too? What if I made something like this? It could feature exercises such as reading time, writing dates, it could even do proper conjugation checking for verbs. I have so many ideas and no clue where to begin.

I would definitely say this is food for thought though.

On a side note, I’m back from Korea and am setting up a proper studying schedule. I will post more about it soon! :)