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Maybe it’s my huge bias speaking, but that new KBS drama with Eunji and Bora… just wow! It’s so much fun 😀

Eunji in my opinion has great acting skills and always does well in her role as a “don’t mess with me” kind of girl. She doesn’t speak in 사투리 this time, which is super attractive btw, but as a bonus she sings in the show a lot. The show tries to portray that her singing touches hearts rather than just amaze or entertain people. It does a very good job at it… but that may again, be bias. 😛

Ugh, episode 6 is airing tonight and I will soon have to wait another week for more ㅠㅠ

I will probably have to watch the finale in Korea… Gotta find some good little restaurant with a trot loving Ahjumma… ㅋㅋㅋ

After finding good resources on Korean subtitles I’ve been doing a lot of dictation. Basically I create an A-B loop of a certain scene, Korean subtitles off, and listen to it over and over again while trying to write down what I hear. When I finish this process I turn subs back on and compare. I had to do the same exercise with a previous iTalki teacher and that was always a fun thing to do.

The next logical step for me would be to try and translate the sentences by myself and comparing them afterwards with the Dramafever / Viki translations. I am possibly also going to generate vocabulary lists based off of the subtitle files. Could be interesting to see what words are frequently used in specific dramas and could make it easy to filter out more out of the ordinary words. I mean, imagine what kind of words Good Doctor will contain that I would probably never learn otherwise! (Not that it would be useful… :P)

Lastly, I am thinking about making a little dictation web application right here. Possibly with Korean music and their lyrics. It would be something like a Youtube video running with a line by line option to type in what you heard and improve your Korean listening! Seems pretty cool to me :)

More actual grammar posts this weekend. Got a lot to cover from the last couple of iTalki lessons!

A question on /r/korean today was about Korean subtitles for Korean shows. I have been looking for resources like this for quite some time. Aside from the occasional Korean DVD, Korean subtitles are severely lacking. I’m very pleased to say that I finally have found somewhere to go!

데프무비 (DeafMov) is a Korean community that creates Korean subtitles for movies, dramas and animations to help the hearing impaired. With possibly the most confusing sign-up process ever (which of course is completely in Korean), I managed to introduce myself as a Korean learner from the Netherlands that wanted to use their subtitles for learning.

While I was a little nervous about it because obviously I am not hearing impaired and fall outside of the target audience I got welcomed into their community!

As a test I grabbed the Korean subtitles for 굿닥터 #1 and I’m happy to say that it worked perfectly. I’m so happy!!! 

With my previous iTalki teacher a weekly assignment was to watch a drama and to do an interpretation exercise. Listen to the episode, pick 3 lines from it and try to write it down in Korean. Not only was this really fun, (watching dramas for homework, yes please!), it was a good way to practice listening. Back then I noticed getting better every week. Now I can do this all the time!

Yes! I love you reddit! I love you DeafMov! 😀


So I haven’t really studied yet since I came back from Korea last week and my excuse is that I am catching up on all the dramas that I’ve missed out on last month. I remember putting on the pilot episode of Good Doctor on my iPad for the flight to Seoul but I never watched it. As I have nobody that actually shares my interest in Korean drama shows, which ultimately isn’t that weird, I’ll just leave it here.

Heartless City is going strong, I went up to the halfway point I believe and it’s been amazing. There are the Korean cliches, but this drama has some of the most unexpected plot twists probably in TV ever. It’s exciting, well produced and in my opinion a must watch for anyone. The reason however why I temporarily stopped at the halfway point is Good Doctor.

Good doctor is probably the biggest surprise for me this year. I’ve never been fond of medical dramas in particular. I imagined lots of crying and cliches. While this is partially true I can not help but empathize with and cheer for 박시온. The autistic aspect can be a little annoying at times but it makes sense.

The real reason why I am completely hooked however is 문채원. Wow, she can act! Her eyes tell entire tales and the smile she can put on could charm anyone. Cute, strong and determined. In my opinion a perfect combination for a character. It’s usual for the love interests to come forward slowly in Korean dramas but damn I’m aching badly for it!

There’s something about Good doctor that made me sit down for 4 hours, 3 days straight to watch it all through. The worst thing is that now I actually have to wait an entire week for more. UGH!

As a final note, I’ll just leave this here…