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Half a year of no posts, and now Hanja? Pretty sure I’ve gone crazy. I finally found time again after a crazy period of school, work and freelancing jobs and what do I do with that time? I just created a Memrise course for myself starting with some Hanja characters.

Knowing very little about Hanja other than it being the root of a lot of Korean words and that knowing Hanja can really help you to figure out unknown Korean words easier, I know absolutely nothing. It looks like random drawings to me and I can not imagine how anyone could ever recognize them all distinctly without fail. With that said, I am going to try.

Creating a Memrise course for Hanja turns out te be really time consuming though. I have a book (Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean) which I have barely skimmed up until now. Searching Korean words, copying the Hanja into other dictionaries and trying to figure out what best to put on the cards is kind of exhausting. I have to say though, finding out that certain words that I already know share a common Hanja makes it really cool. I’ve been going over wordslist for the past hour, (doesn’t that sound exciting?!), in awe of how many connections I have missed. Maybe I should’ve been less stubborn and started earlier.

Oh well, one thing to take away from this. I am back, I have free time again and I will blog some more again… I semi-promise!