While I have been studying Korean for a while now and I’m reaching a point where I am gaining more confidence I still feel like I’ve never fully committed to learning Korean. I’ve been taking my lessons with my favorite(!), (she reads the blog), iTalki teacher and I consume a (un)healthy amount of Korean content every day. Recently I’ve even been on a roll with vocabulary learning. Yet I still feel uncommitted. I believe that I don’t enforce my learning enough.

It’s not like I don’t want to. I like learning Korean. I like to think that I don’t have time while in reality I can easily set out at least an hour every day. The Korean level I’ve acquired so far has even given me some of the best experiences of my life. It’s been truly amazing. So why is it so hard?

Personally I think it is because true commitment is really scary. What if I am fully committed, yet still fail. If I make mistakes while studying super hard every day I have no excuse, right? I’ve never truly experienced fear or failure this way, simply because I’ve managed to avoid roadblocks and was always able to find a way through sheer dedication. Maybe it is because I told myself in high-school that I couldn’t learn languages back when I dropped both German and French because they were my worst classes by far. I know that’s silly.

I’ve got to smack myself, remind myself that in fact I’m being silly and that I choose to fully commit to Korean. Mistakes will happen no matter what and that it’s not relevant to how hard you have worked. The only thing that actually matters is to take those mistakes and to fix them. Success might just be a possibility then.

Let’s do this!

2 comments on “Commitment

  1. Hi,

    Keep a stiff upper lip as the British say. You can do It. Recently, I started learning Korean as well due to the fact my boyfriend is Korean. I just told him that whenever we are at home he ought to talk Korean to me and if I do not understand I will just ask for a translation (Which I ask a lot).

    Remember: Commitment might be scary, but true commitment can never fail. The one who perseveres, wins.

  2. You’re confessing that you are afraid of commitment. Your girlfriend wouldn’t like that. *Just kidding.* I don’t worry about commitment, every day I just do what I feel like doing at the moment with Korean language.

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