Learning words is boring, let’s be honest. That’s why my favorite site to do this is Memrise. It looks fancy, it works great… but most of all. It keeps score! Weekly highscores, more points for longer correct streaks… etc!

I finally got my invite a couple days ago to Memrise premium and in combination with that I figured out that Memrise actually offers the ability to put your vocabulary listed on private, obviously meaning that it’s not listed on the site for anyone else.

Well, I am a sucker for statistics and fancy little graphs. I work in a big data analysis company, surprise surprise! Now quite some time ago I bought the 2000 essential Korean words for beginners. While I already know quite a few of these I figured why not start a fresh new list with Memrise premium! I wrote some software that automatically extracts the correct wordtype (Part of Speech), pronunciation and even an audio file straight from the Naver online dictionary! How fancy is that?! 😀

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