So, it’s been 1.5 week since my mom passed away and slowly everything is starting back-up. Today was my first day back at work and I’ll be continuing school next week too. While I can’t say that it’s time to move on, I still think I should try to return to a healthy studying rhythm. If I ever had one that is.

I made some small changes to the blog and I’ve been busy with some Korean side projects that are not yet ready to be released here. I replaced my Resources section at the top with a study progress section. It’s simply a list of my resources but with an actual completion figure + percentage. I’m a numbers guy, don’t blame me 😛

Just before all the chaos I bought a bunch of books and I still owe TwoChois a review of their services. In the meanwhile I also received Integrated Korean (Beginning 1 & 2). I wanted to have these because honestly, Sogang was kind of disappointing, and I heard these were better. I still have to look into them and figure out how my current level holds up against the book, but I figure I’m somewhere around the middle or end of Beginning 2. I will also have to update this in the study progress section.

Finally, I am going to reinstate the iTalki Lesson reviews. So probably a day after a lesson I will do a recap on it here so it will stick better in my brain!

2 comments on “Slowly going back

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m amazed that you’ve bounced back so quickly. She must had raised you an emotionally resilient person. I thought about buying Integrated Korean series but I didn’t because I read somewhere that they don’t have answer keys. But you have teachers at Italki so it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway 화이팅!

    • Jordy says:

      She was a very strong person too, so I had a good role model ^^. Integrated indeed doesn’t have an answer key. I’ll probably do a review on the textbooks some day and I’ll cover if it’s worth it or not without the workbooks / answer keys 😉

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