The time has unfortunately come. One of the reasons that my blog posts have been in a somewhat unpredictable pattern of activity. My mom has been suffering from cancer since last March and while having fought to the best of her ability, it was not enough. ㅠㅠ

It wasn’t completely unexpected, but it was a lot faster than anticipated. The final estimate she received was 3 to 6 months and it ended up being 3 weeks. One of the final conversations with her was about her not being able to see me move to Korea and master the Korean language. However, unlike me she was a big believer in something after the death, and while I am still not convinced I hope that she is able to come with me to Korea… as soon as possible. :)

2 comments on “Rest in peace mom

  1. 한국인 says:

    어머니 괜찮아지시도록 기도할게요~
    힘내세요 화이팅^^!!

  2. Min says:

    I was browsing your blog and saw this entry. I am so sorry to hear this. My father is currently fighting cancer, too (stage 4, gastric cancer), and the prognosis is only a few months left.

    Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about programming or Korean (I am Korean, too).

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