One of my biggest weaknesses, I feel, in Korean is my lack of vocabulary. (Aside my speaking intonation problems: 아니요… 질문을 아닙니다! ㅜㅜ). With my latest purchases from Twochois was “2000 essential Korean words for beginners”.

A big problem with learning languages is that it’s hard to see progress… right? You get discouraged more easily because it’s hard to notice if you are actually improving or not. While I can’t solve that particular problem, I could make a challenge for myself. Like a game, with a quantifiable outcome.

I will learn all 2000 words in this book, in 10 weeks. 

I have built 2 small applications I will use as my flashcard reviewing software. In addition, I will try to post near daily sentence writing posts with the words I have learned. And finally I will update my progress daily in the sidebar!

Wish me luck 😀

One comment on “My vocabulary challenge

  1. I love the idea! Learning from a vocab list seems like the most efficient thing to tackle a level but… it’s so boring it’s hard to keep up. Maybe a challenge with a time limit can solve that. Good luck!

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