One of my favorite things are Korean podcasts… So today a small update on two of my favorites.

유인나의 볼륨을 높여요 finally back up!
Every time KBS makes mistakes, either by getting hacked (last year) or changing podcast servers (this time), it takes like 3 weeks for them to fix everything. Really annoying :( I’m pleased to see that their new server is faster though. I have a backlog of 16 days now… Glad to have it back though. I got a Yoo In Na fix from 별에서 온 그대 but my days still felt kind of empty :(

달을 품은 토끼 vol. 4!
I mentioned this podcast on my blog before, but with the start of 2014 came the beginning of season 4! Good to have more J. Rabbit ^^

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