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One of my favorite things are Korean podcasts… So today a small update on two of my favorites.

유인나의 볼륨을 높여요 finally back up!
Every time KBS makes mistakes, either by getting hacked (last year) or changing podcast servers (this time), it takes like 3 weeks for them to fix everything. Really annoying :( I’m pleased to see that their new server is faster though. I have a backlog of 16 days now… Glad to have it back though. I got a Yoo In Na fix from 별에서 온 그대 but my days still felt kind of empty :(

달을 품은 토끼 vol. 4!
I mentioned this podcast on my blog before, but with the start of 2014 came the beginning of season 4! Good to have more J. Rabbit ^^

After finding good resources on Korean subtitles I’ve been doing a lot of dictation. Basically I create an A-B loop of a certain scene, Korean subtitles off, and listen to it over and over again while trying to write down what I hear. When I finish this process I turn subs back on and compare. I had to do the same exercise with a previous iTalki teacher and that was always a fun thing to do.

The next logical step for me would be to try and translate the sentences by myself and comparing them afterwards with the Dramafever / Viki translations. I am possibly also going to generate vocabulary lists based off of the subtitle files. Could be interesting to see what words are frequently used in specific dramas and could make it easy to filter out more out of the ordinary words. I mean, imagine what kind of words Good Doctor will contain that I would probably never learn otherwise! (Not that it would be useful… :P)

Lastly, I am thinking about making a little dictation web application right here. Possibly with Korean music and their lyrics. It would be something like a Youtube video running with a line by line option to type in what you heard and improve your Korean listening! Seems pretty cool to me :)

More actual grammar posts this weekend. Got a lot to cover from the last couple of iTalki lessons!

Another one from the sidebar, and the only one I’ll probably do before I delete the section. I mean really, 후에/전에 and N하고 are not very interesting.

A/V-네요 is pretty cool though. It’s used to express surprise when you’ve learned something new or realized something for the first time. Simply by adding 네요 to the stem of an adjective or verb.


1 Oh, it’s already 9 ‘o clock.
2 Oh, the weather is really nice today!
오늘 날씨가 정말 좋네요
3 Oh, my fingers hurt.
손가락들이 아프네요

Just 2 weeks ago I happily posted to my Facebook wall that 효린 was going to sing the OST for Disney’s Frozen (겨울왕국). Having seen the movie just last week I still have the original song in my head. Now that the release date for Korea is coming closer (January 16th) they released the Korean version of the OST and I just wanted to see how they compare to each other, lyrics wise. Yeah! Fun 😀

As with everything that’s a first I have to figure out the best way to do it. Formatting this is kind of a pain… I should also place a giant disclaimer, some of the translations are gross assumptions of mine. I try to be as accurate as possible though 😉

Korean line: 더 이상 참지 않아.
Original line: Can’t hold it back anymore.
Translated: Can’t hold it anymore.
Vocabulary Grammar
Korean English
  • Negation (-지 않다)
이상 A higher quantity of what it references.
더 이상 any more
참다 to suppress, to hold, to restrain oneself
Korean line: 나는 이제 떠날래.
Original line: Turn my back and slam the door.
Translated: I am going to leave now.
Vocabulary Grammar
Korean English
  • Topic marker (은/는)
  • V-(으)ㄹ래요
이제 now
떠나다 to leave, to depart
Korean line: 오늘밤 내린 하얀 눈은.
Original line: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight.
Translated: Tonight’s fallen pure white snow.
Vocabulary Grammar
Korean English
  • Past tense action verb -> noun (+ ㄴ/은)
  • Present tense descriptive verb -> noun (+ ㄴ/은)
  • Topic marker (은/는)
오늘 today
오늘밤 tonight
내리다 to fall, to come down (rain, snow)
하얗다 to be (pure/snow) white
Korean line: 온 세상을 뒤덮고.
Original line: Not a footprint to be seen.
Translated: It covers the entire world (and)
Vocabulary Grammar
Korean English
  • Connective Verb ending 고
  • Object marker (을/를)
all, whole, entire
세상 world
뒤덮다 to cover something with, to cover in something
Korean line: 이 외로움 한가운데.
Original line: A kingdom of isolation.
Translated: right in the middle of this loneliness
Vocabulary Grammar
Korean English
외로움 loneliness
한가운데 the (very) middle, center, the heart

Hopefully (most of) this is correct! I got stuck at: “나 홀로 남겨졌네”. The dictionary isn’t being very helpful on this, I keep getting 남기다 (which is probably correct), but I have no idea how I would conjugate it to become 남겨졌네. Will do some research :)