A question on /r/korean today was about Korean subtitles for Korean shows. I have been looking for resources like this for quite some time. Aside from the occasional Korean DVD, Korean subtitles are severely lacking. I’m very pleased to say that I finally have found somewhere to go!

데프무비 (DeafMov) is a Korean community that creates Korean subtitles for movies, dramas and animations to help the hearing impaired. With possibly the most confusing sign-up process ever (which of course is completely in Korean), I managed to introduce myself as a Korean learner from the Netherlands that wanted to use their subtitles for learning.

While I was a little nervous about it because obviously I am not hearing impaired and fall outside of the target audience I got welcomed into their community!

As a test I grabbed the Korean subtitles for 굿닥터 #1 and I’m happy to say that it worked perfectly. I’m so happy!!! 

With my previous iTalki teacher a weekly assignment was to watch a drama and to do an interpretation exercise. Listen to the episode, pick 3 lines from it and try to write it down in Korean. Not only was this really fun, (watching dramas for homework, yes please!), it was a good way to practice listening. Back then I noticed getting better every week. Now I can do this all the time!

Yes! I love you reddit! I love you DeafMov! 😀


5 comments on “Korean subtitles

  1. Dan says:

    Hi —
    I tried signing in at the DeafMov site — I was able to create a login ID and password, but when I click on the link to dramas, I get a message in Korean saying that I don’t have permission.
    I was thinking that I missed something in the signup process — could you perhaps post the process that you went through to create your membership?
    Korean Learner & Kdrama Fan

  2. Jibril says:

    You can also get scripts for movies: http://www.filmmakers.co.kr/koreanScreenplays

    It’s interesting because the scripts you find online often included scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie. Oddly enough, if you read the script first, then watch the movie, you might find that the move feels like it’s lacking something. That’s my experience at least with 멋진 하루.

  3. i found out best korean movies and drama english subtitles website


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