I actually feel it’s better for me to do these reviews a day or two before my next lesson instead of on the same day right after the lesson. Therefore I will probably shuffle a few days around. Let’s get to the important stuff though, my last lesson.

문법 (Grammar)
Another lesson focused mostly on new grammar with daily conversations. “V는/은/ㄴ지” was our grammar point, which is a connective ending used when connecting a clause requiring additional information to the following verb. Corresponding to “who/what/where/when/how/whether + clause”.

It generally precedes one of the following verbs, (referenced from Korean Grammar In Use):

  • 알다
  • 모르다
  • 궁금하다
  • 질문하다
  • 조사하다
  • 알아보다
  • 생각나다
  • 말하다
  • 가르치다

The two verbs in bold are the only verbs we used in the lesson. Like my previous iTalki review I will include a table with the patterns for both present and past tense action and descriptive verbs.

Present tense Past tense
Action verb Descriptive verb Action verb Descriptive verb
Verb stem + 는지 Verb stem + 은/ㄴ지 Verb stem + 았/었는지

The main exercise was to create sentences asking whether the person knows something, rather than asking directly. For example asking if they know where the bookstore is rather than directly asking where it is.

Examples in steps:

Do you know where the bookstore is?
English Korean
to be where 어디이다
bookstore 책방이
Where is the bookstore? 책방이 어디예요?
(I) know where 어디인지 알아요.
Final Korean sentence
책방이 어디인지 알아요?
Do you know who emailed me?
English Korean
emailed 이메일을 했다
someone 누가
Somebody emailed me. 누가 이메일을 했어요.
Who emailed me? 누가 이메일을 했어요?
Final Korean sentence
누가 이메일을 했는지 아세요?
Don’t you know where my wallet is?
English Korean
my wallet 제 지갑이
where 어디에
to exist / to be located 있다.
Don’t you know? 몰라요? / 모르세요?
Don’t you know where it is? 어디에 있는지 모르세요?
Final Korean sentence
제 지갑이 어디에 있는지 모르세요?

It’s took me quite a while to get a good grasp of this and how to use it but hopefully I can start using this soon.

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