Having a weekend like mine, (a little crazy), just after releasing a schedule makes it a little embarrassing for me but I will still post what I put out to do. So here we go, the first iTalki Lesson Review.

문법 (Grammar)
The focus of my previous lesson and this lesson has been on verbs being converted into adjectives. Referred to in Korean Grammar in Use (Beginner) as: “관형형 -(으)ㄴ/-는/-(으)ㄹ N”

For now I will skip the future tense part because we did not cover that yet. Below is a table with the tenses and their action / descriptive verb patterns.

Present tense Past tense
Action verb Descriptive verb Action verb Descriptive verb
Verb stem + 는 Verb stem + 은/ㄴ Verb stem + 은/ㄴ

We’ve covered quite a few of the patterns up until an introduction to the past tense descriptive verb. From my current understanding there are multiple patterns that can be used to transform descriptive verbs into past tense adjectives. The one I got introduced to is -던.

So when researching this more I found out that this is already outside of the scope of beginner’s Korean grammar. I found more about this on Page 144 of Korean Grammar in Use (Intermediate) in the chapter “Expressing recollection”. It seems like -던 is not exclusively used to convert past tense descriptive verbs to adjectives but can be used in a large variety of other situations. For now it is probably best to exclusively use it for the only purpose I know though.

Examples of -던 (to make past tense descriptive verbs into adjectives)

Sentence Present tense adjective Past tense adjective
1 This flower is pretty A pretty flower A flower that used to be pretty
이 꽃은 예뻐요 예쁜 꽃 예쁘
2 A friend who was tired A tired friend A friend that used to be tired
친구가 피곤했어요 피곤한 친구 피곤하 친구
3 The weather was bad The bad weather The weather that used to be bad
날씨가 나빴어요 나쁜 날씨 나쁘 날씨

Lastly I might just as well add in the new vocabulary that came up in the lesson. I’m currently thinking of writing a small WordPress plugin that will contain all the vocabulary I know. It will probably be nicely listed including dates of when I learned it, how well I know it, etc. I have some (in my opionion) cool ideas for it.

어휘 (Vocabulary)

Korean English
후식 Dessert
새우 Shrimp
건조 Dryness
건조기 / 드라이어 Dryer
원피스 Dress (not gowns or party dress)
검은색 Black (color)
짧다 To be short
길다 To be long
계획 A plan
계획을 세우다 To make a plan

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