With the blog being called “Programming In Korean” there clearly was no doubt that programming related content was going to be added at least at some point. Well, here it is. In the menu above I’ve added a programming section.

The very first content I put under it is related to Hangul and how it is specified in Unicode. For people not familiar with Unicode, I will explain it like how I told my mom about it. “It’s the way Hangul gets translated from and into the only two character a computer truly understands, ones and zeros.”

There are a lot of difficult problems when it comes to Hangul and encoding, especially when trying to analyze or recognize data and patterns. There is, in my opinion, quite a limited amount of (English) content on this topic.

For now though, it’s basic and simple. I will soon include code that demonstrates how to compose and decompose complete Hangul Syllables.

Have a look for yourself: Hangul in Unicode

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