I’ve always been a fan of italki and their service. I’ve used it for both professional and community tutoring and both times were good and fun. My first teacher was a professional teacher and her lessons were so informative and fun. It’s truly sad that she had to quit because of personal issues that I will not post here.

After this I got in touch with a community tutor, which was a lot more informal and unstructured. I asked for things, I got my answers. For me this is a little harder to do because my Korean studies have never been too structured in the first place. Something that I now regret when I decided to take the TOPIK.

I’m glad to say that just half an hour ago I finished my trial session with another professional teacher and she basically confirmed all my weaknesses in my Korean studies. Speaking and listening for me are by far the hardest and I feel confident that with her lessons I can improve again.

I’m excited to take lessons again! :)

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