So I haven’t really studied yet since I came back from Korea last week and my excuse is that I am catching up on all the dramas that I’ve missed out on last month. I remember putting on the pilot episode of Good Doctor on my iPad for the flight to Seoul but I never watched it. As I have nobody that actually shares my interest in Korean drama shows, which ultimately isn’t that weird, I’ll just leave it here.

Heartless City is going strong, I went up to the halfway point I believe and it’s been amazing. There are the Korean cliches, but this drama has some of the most unexpected plot twists probably in TV ever. It’s exciting, well produced and in my opinion a must watch for anyone. The reason however why I temporarily stopped at the halfway point is Good Doctor.

Good doctor is probably the biggest surprise for me this year. I’ve never been fond of medical dramas in particular. I imagined lots of crying and cliches. While this is partially true I can not help but empathize with and cheer for 박시온. The autistic aspect can be a little annoying at times but it makes sense.

The real reason why I am completely hooked however is 문채원. Wow, she can act! Her eyes tell entire tales and the smile she can put on could charm anyone. Cute, strong and determined. In my opinion a perfect combination for a character. It’s usual for the love interests to come forward slowly in Korean dramas but damn I’m aching badly for it!

There’s something about Good doctor that made me sit down for 4 hours, 3 days straight to watch it all through. The worst thing is that now I actually have to wait an entire week for more. UGH!

As a final note, I’ll just leave this here…

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