So in Korea there are the two main tourist performance acts. Nanta and Jump, today I went out to the latter. For those who are not familiar with Jump, it’s a “Comical Martial Arts Performance”. It’s accessible for everyone as there is little to no speech. A little English, a little Korean (of which I understood everything *little proud*). Here’s a logo:



I can definitely see why this show is so popular. It consisted of 4 episodes with each it’s own theme. I’m not sure if these themes change over time but I’m sure they do (the show has been running since 2003). If you are planning to go to the show I would advise you to stop reading if you don’t want to be spoilered!


The first theme was about a visitor coming and had lots of impressive and funny moments. It had lots of the Korean etiquette and cultural aspects of family going on. It was really inspiring too…

The second act is where it got interesting however. “Who is today’s master?”. They were going to pick random people from the audience and do acts with them. Guess what, they picked me. I had to come up on stage after introducing myself and telling where I was from (which obviously, I did in Korean!). I became 네덜란드 마스터 (“Nedeolandeu Master”).

So I got on stage and was asked to repeat a set of actions, first the bow into a high kick. I didn’t know I could, but maybe the adrenaline made it possible… I kicked pretty damn high! (Got a round of applause for it xD). After that I had to do somersault forward and directly backwards into a hand-stand and a back flip. Obviously, this didn’t go as well but the forward, backward thing went okay!

I was ready to fight, but before that it was time to get searched to make sure I wasn’t going to fight dirty. They ended up pulling a giant axe out of thin air from my back. At this point all the actors ran towards me and removed chopsticks, swords, knifes and whoever knows what other kinds of weapons from my pockets, shoes and back.

After about 20 weapons were lying around me they ended up running away to the other end of the stage jumping towards the ground and acting scared. I was laughing so hard, it was absolutely hilarious. To add to the effect I made a little improv taunt towards them and they reacted very well to it, such natural actors.

As reward for my efforts I got thanked by all of the actors and received a free booklet of their show which I had signed by all of them to Master 조디! I feel like I’m on top of the world right now. Nobody is taking this away from me! :)

The other 2 acts were just as good. The third was your typical Korean love drama story with the cutie that’s on my right (left girl in the picture). She had some sick looking moves and stomped everyone that got in the way of her and her perfect moment with “the one”.

The last and final act was about two burglars coming into the house with one being a master thief and the other a douche. It involved taking a bullet for family and various other underlying messages. It had really good moments.

The show was amazing, it was the perfect length and I really had a good time. I would really recommend this to everyone that is able to go!

PS: Shout-out to the grandfather in the story. He wrote 조디 right after me saying my name. First one that actually did it right from the beginning!

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