My first week in South Korea has already passed and I have to say that it feels so amazing to walk around in a country where everything is so different, yet familiar. After my trip to Daebudo island I have been taking it easy for a little bit and only went out to a couple of places in the area.

Even while doing very little I am enjoying it thoroughly. Finding the best food places in the most unexpected or tucked away places in Hongdae, walking through the markets and stores listening to the K-pop or even just hanging around listening to people speak in Korean has been so amazing.

While I find it a little frustrating that I don’t understand as much Korean as I would’ve liked it’s also quite motivating to be left in utter confusion. I want to specifically mention the people that work in the guesthouse where I am staying. Listening to 아름 and 원 banther away is so funny and it puts a huge grin on my face even though I don’t understand most of it. They both speak so fast, haha.

The best part about being in the guesthouse here is that everyone allows me to speak in Korean as broken as I can come up with. I feel really bad because I know I’m not properly using the formalities and in essence am being rude towards my Noonas. 누나들에게 미안해요… ㅠㅠ

With each of the guesthouse hostesses being such different personalities it’s been so interesting. 여원 is more reserved but very friendly. 원 is such a cool and down to earth person and last but not least 아름 is so funny, she’s a giant quirky ball of energy and very passionate. I’m really glad that I chose this guesthouse and met these amazing people. The thought of leaving in 2 and a half weeks (which is still quite some time away) absolutely terrifies me.

Even though I’ve been here for a short time I feel truly at home. If you go to Seoul, go to Namu guesthouse.

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