Here we have it, the actual purpose of this blog. After confirming that my Korean still sucks (very much) here on my trip I took the opportunity to get two books recommended by the absolute expert on Korean self-studying Hangukdrama.

This also means that I now finally have set an actual goal in my journey to learning Korean. At the moment I am not even sure if I will be able to take the TOPIK as my country does not actually conducts these tests but I will contact our Korean embassy and ask them for further instructions. It’s quite possible I can apply in Germany or the UK right? With that said, the locations for the 2014 TOPIK’s aren’t even known yet so let’s not jump to conclusions.

I would say that my grammar and my ability to actually construct correct sentences is very lacking. With that said I’m kind of impressed with myself by how many words I’m pulling out left and right. I’ll be starting at the very beginning of the grammar book while already “knowing” ~30-40% of the points.

Practice, practice, practice. The 34th TOPIK would be like 8 months away and while I feel that aiming for level 2 seems a little low… But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

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